Forklift Parts and Repairs – When Time is Money

In businesses that require forklifts, there is no such thing as “downtime.” When a forklift needs repair, facility managers need parts and repairs “yesterday.” Apex Forklift Sales understands this.

 New and Used Forklift Equipment, Parts and Repairs

Forklifts are a major purchase for any facility. They are used so frequently that keeping them maintained has to be timely and cost-effective. ApexForklift Sales, located in Miami, Florida, is a full service sales and repair supplier of pallet jack sales, pallet jack repair, forklift attachment and forklift extension. At Apex Forklift Sales, facility managers can purchase new forklift equipment or refurbished forklift equipment.

Forklift Repairs and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of forklift equipment avoids repairs. Apex Forklift Sales specializes in regular inspections and maintenance performed by highly trained and qualified mechanics with top notch industry experience.

A Large Inventory of Parts for Faster Repairs and Service

One reason Apex Forklift Sales is a leader in forklift sales and repairs is due to their excellent customer service reputation. By maintaining a large inventory of parts for pallet jack sales and pallet jack repair, customers are assured of fast turnaround time to get their facility back on schedule.

Some of the parts of forklift equipment include:

  •          Pro-grip truck tie downs
  •          Forks and forklift extension
  •          Tilt Cylinder
  •          Headlight
  •          Lift Chain
  •          Lift Cylinder
  •          Mast
  •          Backrest Extension
  •          Assist Grip
  •          Counterweight
  •          Overhead Guard
  •          Fuel Tank
  •          Counterweight
  •          Forklift Tires
  •          Forklift Work Platform
  •          Forklift Attachment

 Forklift Sales

The cost of new forklift equipment is a big investment. Facility and plant managers know this equipment needs to be durable and reliable. For example, in large warehouse operations, forklift equipment is a major function of the business. Warehousemen generally purchase several forklifts for full productivity and business operation. This often means the equipment is used for three shifts on a 24/7 basis by a number of different forklift drivers.

Apex Forklift Sales provides forklift equipment to meet pallet and load weight requirements in each facility’s shipping and receiving areas. Apex also offers pallet jack repair that restores this equipment to “like new” use.

Apex Forklift Sales also offers new pallet jacks for a nominal cost. Smaller facilities can purchase new pallet jack equipment that is a convenient substitute when a forklift is in need of repair.

Choose Apex Forklift Sales for Top Names in Forklift Equipment

The thought of replacing worn or disabled forklift equipment can be a big concern for business owners. Apex Forklift Sales makes recommendations on the state of your equipment after an inspection. In most cases, parts and labor included in repairs reduce the cost of full forklift replacement.

If replacement is required, for greater convenience, visit Apex Forklift Sales relies on top brand name equipment that offers the maximum durability and reliability business owners want. For business owners in the Miami area, visit Apex Forklift Sales at this address: 2365 NW 70 Ave Unit C-8, Miami, Florida 33122 or speak to an Apex technician at (1-305-468-9499) from Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Apex is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Time is Money When You Need Forklift Parts and Repairs

There is no doubt that time is money when your forklift equipment needs parts and repairs. Contact Apex Forklift Sales to save loss of time and money.