Does your business depend upon the availability of specialized forklifts to perform necessary tasks? From warehouse environments to construction sites, numerous firms utilize these important items of equipment. A broken forklift frequently results in costly downtime and delays. When you require fast, qualified repair services, contact Apex Forklift Sales Corporation at 1-305-468-9449.

Why Your Company Should Depend on Us

Make us your first choice for fork lift maintenance and repair services in Miami and throughout Broward County, Florida. We offer some distinct advantages:

  • Our qualified mechanics work on all makes and models
  • We perform comprehensive service, maintenance, and repair services
  • We carry a large inventory of forklift parts
  • Our mechanics will complete repairs in house or at your job site
  • We guarantee our labor!

Specializing in Forklift Repair

Apex Forklift Sales Corporation provides some other advantages over generic large equipment repair firms. First, as a local company we possess familiarity with the Greater Miami Metropolitan Area. Our mechanics arrive at destinations within our service area promptly. You won’t need to wait for extended periods of time for a qualified repair team to reach you when you ask us to repair your forklifts!
Second, because Apex Forklift Sales Corporation markets forklifts, we possess current familiarity with a variety of different models, replacement parts and maintenance protocols. Our mechanics work on these specialized items of heavy equipment every day. They won’t encounter a significant “learning curve” fixing your forklifts.
Third, we maintain the tools and diagnostic equipment required to perform qualified forklift repairs. Not every repair firm possesses ready access to these types of specialized resources. We can troubleshoot and repair many forklift problems quickly.

Our Inspection And Maintenance Services

Like any valuable piece of equipment, forklifts require periodic servicing in order to remain functional. Businesses in Miami and Broward County, Florida frequently ask us to perform regular inspection and maintenance services to help them keep forklifts in good operating condition.
Especially if your company depends upon forklifts for a significant portion of daily production, experiencing unexpected “down” time proves costly. You may discover significant long term financial benefits by retaining Apex Forklift Sales Corporation to help service and maintain your equipment.
Our mechanics will examine your forklifts on a regular basis and perform necessary maintenance. We can also replace worn parts and troubleshoot any unexpected problems that have arisen since our last visit.
Contact Us

To obtain qualified, rapid forklift service, maintenance and repairs in Miami or Broward County, Florida, call us at 1-305-468-9449. We specialize in Forklifts!



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